A Free Hotwire Promo Code and 3 Tips for International Travel.

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And now, 3 tips to help you have an amazing trip when you travel internationally.

Three Tips to Make Any International Trip More Enjoyable

It’s time. You’ve decided on an international trip. Congratulations! International travel is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. You’ll make memories you’ll remember forever.

Maybe this is your first time abroad, in which case you’re in for an exciting and surprising treat. Maybe you’re a grizzled travel veteran who loves going other places.

Regardless of your experience level or the length of your trip, be it a few days or a few weeks, there are always things to learn and keep in mind. Here are three tips to make any international trip more enjoyable.

Something will go wrong, so stay flexible and don’t stress

International travel is particularly stressful (and rewarding) because of its rarity and barriers to entry. It’s more expensive than domestic travel due to the cost of airfare or other transportation, and there can also be cultural and language hurdles that are difficult to overcome. Many international travelers won’t get the chance to go back to their places of visit for these reasons.

So it’s maybe with a little trepidation that you read that “something will go wrong.” Something going wrong can mean missing the opening hours of an attraction, inclement weather that impedes travel plans, or traffic so terrible that your day is functionally ruined. It can also mean simple forgetfulness, like failing to pack warm-enough clothing or accidentally leaving your phone charger in the previous city.

But you know what? It’s OK! These things happen to everyone. International travel involves so many moving parts that it would be a miracle if something didn’t go wrong, even the minor occurrences. There are only two approaches to this when it happens to you: you can let it affect you, or you can try to stay flexible and not stress out.

It’s perfectly reasonable and human to get stressed, and you should not at all feel bad if, despite your best efforts, something gets under your skin and bothers you. Ultimately, though, you can’t control what goes wrong, but you can control your attitude and approach to when it does and be mentally prepared for it in the first place.

Plan to do fewer things than you think you can

Visiting new places is great because everything is new. Even the standard, silly things the residents don’t bat an eyelash at can be interesting to you. Because of that, any place, even small ones, can have so many things in which you can partake. It’s so easy to go into some Hulk-style plan frenzy and decide that you’re going to do a billion things when you’re there.

Please don’t. You’ll thank yourself later.

By all means; knock yourself out when planning your trip. But, almost always, you will be unable to do as many things as you think you can. If it’s a longer trip, you’ll also be unable to go to as many different places as you think you can.

Again, international travel is unique and special, and you may not get a chance to go where you’re going for a long time–maybe ever! But over-planning doesn’t help you.

As much as you can, limit what you want to see and do to your core interests, your ‘must-dos’ of the trip. And if you have more things you want to do, that’s fine! If you have time, by all means, add things to your list and go wherever your heart takes you. You might find, though, that you can’t get to them at all. That’s fine, too. It’s better to be able to add things to your to-do list rather than frantically crossing off things as you go.


Surely you’ve heard the phrase, ‘I need a vacation from my vacation.’ It’s amusing because of its internal logic, but it’s also funny because it’s so often true. International travel is often physically and mentally exhausting, especially if it involves multiple hours of jet lag combined with a consistent language barrier and miles of walking.

Fighting that exhaustion is almost too simple: plan rest periods into your trip.

This suggestion might sound counterproductive, and it seems that way at first glance. Yeah, yeah, you can sleep at home, and you can lounge around without needing a passport to do so. But the human body doesn’t just immediately become an invincible machine when you cross into another country. It still needs sleep and rest, even more so that you’re subjecting it too weird foods, a bunch of exercise, and different time zones.

How you plan rest into your trip depends on how long your trip is, but you can rest either way. If you’re making a relatively short trip, maybe get an extra hour of sleep even if you don’t feel you need it. If your trip is going to be longer, you have more options. Of trips over a week-long, it’s helpful to build in a day where you don’t do much (or any) sightseeing, maybe lounging at a local restaurant for a while, going back to your hotel to take a nap, or seeing a foreign movie at the cinema.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself in regards to rest, though, is to know when you need it. Everyone has different limits, and listening to what your body tells you is important. Rest will make you feel better and will make your trip better by extension.

International travel is vastly rewarding and can sometimes be equally challenging. Following these few tips, regardless of how big or small, your trip is, will help you maximize the reward and minimize the challenge.